C-Cell is a food structure image analysis instrument, and was developed in the UK by Campden BRI in conjunction with Calibre Control International, who manufacture and market the instrument globally.

Results are produced in 5 seconds in which technical, production and engineering personnel are able to establish their own Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) using quantifiable data to maintain a level of consistency with their production; thereby reducing wastage and costs.



There are two C-Cell versions available, they are known as C-Cell Mono and C-Cell Colour. C-Cell Mono is the original version that has been used in the industry for over 10 years and has gained CCAT approval in the UK. This version as standard has 48 parameters which analyse sample shape and dimension, as well as cell size and elongation within your baked products.

In the last two years there has been major innovation developments and the next generation of instrument was launched in 2014. C-Cell colour has all the same features as C-Cell Mono however the new colour system gives enhanced analysis with internal inclusions and external features, as well as five processed images focusing on particular features of the sample such as crumb and crust colour.