Features & Benefits

C-Cell is now used around the world by industry and reference bodies to analyse baked products objectively

  • Consistent Analysis – C-Cell enables product images to be taken under standardised conditions. This means that reproducible data can be exchanged throughout the industry

  • Communication – Objective data enables all parts of the industry to communicate effectively. Specifications can be set and there is no difference of opinion on quality parameters. Sensory techniques can be verified

  • Process Performance – The effects of process changes and problems can be seen quickly. Comparisons of plant processes & methods can be made to assess new developments

  • Ingredient Effects – Rapid evaluation of new formulations is possible, focusing upon the specific parameters where improvements are required. Objective evidence can support sales arguments

  • Quality Control – Comparisons of product quality can be achieved and test baking assessment is made simple and fast

  • Analysis in 5 seconds – A sample can be presented and analysed in just a few seconds. Data and images are saved to a database for subsequent review, data manipulation and reporting

  • 48 Objective Measurements – C-Cell provides data for all applications. A small sub-set can be used to give a definitive assessment of quality. With C-Cell detailed specifications can be defined and archived for future comparisons


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