Raw – This image displays the original, unprocessed image of the product.








 Brightness – The brightness measurement is the average grey level of all of the pixels in the slice. Crumb structure and bran content influence this measurement. In most cases, a finer crumb structure will give a brighter slice brightness when comparing an open structured bread (such as baguette) and a fine structured sandwich bread made with the same flour.





CellThis image displays the individual cells within the product slice. Each one is colour coded according to its prominence, based on its area and depth, quantified by the ‘volume’ parameter. Small cells are coloured in dark blue and larger ones are shown in lighter shades of blue, green and yellow. Cells large enough to be classified as holes are outlined in red.





Shape – A white rectangular box is shown enclosing the slice. The corners of the slice are also identified and are connected by white lines to each other and to the center of the slice. Concavities in the sides of the slice are shown in blue for the bottom, green for the sides and red for the top. The points used for measuring the slice height are marked as yellow points on the top edge. High points are identified at either side of the top edge and the lowest point between them is also marked. 




VolumeThis type of image displays contours of the coarseness of the texture, based on volume measurements of cells. The coarsest 50% of the slice area is shaded in red and the finest regions are shaded in blue. The range of values displayed in this image are used for calculation of cell size measurements on the cell volume (map) scale. The shape of the red and blue regions is used for calculation of the Coarse/Fine Clustering measurement.







Elongation – This type of image represents the orientation and elongation of cells. Short red lines are drawn parallel to the long axis of cells at each point in the slice. The length of the lines indicates the degree of elongation of the cells.  Those that show a rotational structure that turns through 180 degrees are shaded in pale blue. Those showing no full rotation are left in grey.