Evaluating sandwich bread quality


Sandwich bread is manufactured to met specific requirements of the sandwich-making industry which differ from other types of pan breads. Particular emphasis is placed on the unformity of shape for loaves with a square or rectangular cross-section. The size of the cells in the crumb can affect the cost control in spreads and the large holes may result in significant quality issues.


C-Cell measures up to 48 different parameters and different combinations of these will provide the data required for the assessment of bread quality. Depending on bread product specifications 5-8 parameters may be used in the quality evaluation. For example possible key parameters may be:

  • Slice Height Maximum & Average
  • Concavity -Top, Left, Right
  • Area of holes
  • Number of cells
  • Average cell diameter
  • coarse/fine clustering


The processed images provide valuable visual information about the quality parameters.

This type of image shows a view with a particular feature shown in colour and can be used to assess the uniformity of the product shape.