C-Cell Bread Score

C-Cell Bread Scoring Software is a bespoke calibration used for quality control within the baking industry. Our new software takes the bakeries subjective scoring system used to quantify the visual characteristics and quality of bread to develop an Objective scoring system based on the standard 48 parameters used already with C-Cell.

By using C-Cell Bread Score companies can move away from sensory panel evaluation leaving no room for human error.


How C-Cell Bread Score Can Save You Money:

  • Creates an objective evaluation of quality based on instrumental measurements
  • Removes human error associated with sensory panel evaluation
  • Enables cross bakery consistency
  • Bespoke scoring system based on the company perception of quality
  • Reduce wastage, quality issues and reformulation time
  • Increase quality and yield


For more information on how C-Cell could help your bakery please contact us on info@c-cell.info or call Steve on 01925 860 401.

Visit us at ASB Baking Technology Conference in Chicago, USA between February 28th and 1st March. Stand Number 713.