Flour Milling

Using the C-Cell data in flour milling


Being able to obtain objective data on the breadmaking potential of different wheat grists has significant benefits for millers as it helps them provide more consistent products for bakers. Objective data can be provided for a wide range of flour qualities (white and wholemeal) and adds value to the results of test baking whatever the method of breadmaking employed. The raw images can be used to provide a permanent record of bread quality at any given moment in time.


C-Cell measures up to 48 different parameters which are relevant to breadmaking. Combinations of these parameters may be used to provide a single objective score as a basis for comparing the value of particular frists and the introduction of new wheat supplies. C-Cell data provide valuable information related to the gas retention potential of a flour sample and its ability to limit gas bubble coalescence.

Shape Images

This type of image shows a view with particular features shown in colour and can be used to assess the uniformity of the product shape. The points used to measure height are marked as yellow dots on the top edge. Concavity of the top is shown in green for the sides while the breaks are shown as areas of yellow.