Keep an ‘eye’ out for Calibre in Albuquerque

The Albuquerque convention center is the home of the AACCI International event for 2013, it promises to be a great exhibition with thousands of people attending, the team are keeping us up to date with pictures along the way (see below)

Calibre will be exhibiting the NEW C-Cell Colour system which will be located on stand 202. We have some new promotional items to keep an ‘eye’ out for (all will be revealed on the stand)

New features of the C-Cell include:

  • RGB colour analysis of crust and crumb
  • Crust thickness and colour measurements
  • Analyse, identify and quantify inclusions in the crumb structure i.e. fruit, seeds and chocolate chips
  • Dual lighting system
  • Multi-lingual language module

Paul Cliffe and Stephen Pike will be located on stand 202 to answer all your questions regarding the new C-Cell system!

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