Whats your score? NEW Technology Launched!

Extensive research, development and customer input has led to 2 new software innovations for the C-Cell image analysis system.

NEW C-Cell Colour Software will be launched for the first time at Baking Tech 2015, Chicago, 1 – 3 March. Visit us at table number 112!

Now, C-Cell can analyse even more. The new advanced software modules (Bread Score & Developer) provide additional capability such as:

  • Score your bread against benchmarks
  • Analyse inclusions and surface materials such as fruit and seeds
  • External feature analysis, such as burn marks and shape

Average or specific colour measurements of surface, crumb or crust regions

The new C-Cell Colour Food Analyser can now give bread scores, as well as identifying product features both internally and externally, such as the distribution of sesame seeds on a burger bun, or the quantity and colour of cherries within a cherry cake.

For more information please contact us on 01925 860 401.