When Bread Making goes wrong…

The key reasons for causes of faults during bread making can be grouped into five main categories*:

  • Defective or inappropriate ingredients
  • Unbalanced formulation
  • Poor dough development and maturity
  • Incorrectly adjusted or poorly maintained equipment
  • Poor handling after baking

*Bread Faults by Bake Info, download a copy here

The C-Cell analyser will analyse bread in a matter of seconds to determine many different characteristics for example:

  • Ingredients – how effective are they?
  • Process – identify problems quickly, quantify variations in bread to save wastage and downtime

Almost 50 parameters can be measured with a single C-Cell snap including:

  • Height
  • Total Concavity
  • Slice brightness
  • Cell diameter
  • Cell volume

View the full list of measureable parameters here